CNC Mill

CNC Milling
(Previous Engineering Work as a Member of Tool., Inc.)

As TOOL Inc’s resident machinist, I was responsible for the operation and maintenance of our CNC mill. I modeled my parts and created their cutting toolpaths using Fusion 360’s CAD & CAM features.

The block below was created as an instructional device and was featured in a training course called ‘Intro to CNC Milling.’ I developed this course to guide students through the machining process, from setting up virtual parts and creating toolpaths to following the proper procedures for effectively machining physical parts.

I’ve included some additional works below, described as follows:

1. Compression mold used to repeatably create material samples for impact testing.

2. Foam mold for creating carbon fiber parts.

3. V-block soft jaw for fixturing cylindrical parts. This piece replaces one of the mill’s standard vise jaws and prevents cylindrical parts from slipping while being machined. 

4. Compression mold shell for molding custom mouthguards. Link to the ‘Mouthguard Molds’ page here

Completed Mold
Carbon Fiber Mold Half
Carbon Fiber Mold
Machining V-Block
V-Block Installed
V-Block in Use
Milling the Mold Shell
Full Palate Mouthguard Mold
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