Advanced Tourniquet

Advanced Tourniquet
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Developed for the US Military, this device is intended to increase the survivability of severe battlefield injuries by controlling hemorrhages in areas where a traditional tourniquet cannot be applied. 

This portable, lightweight device is intended to be carried by every soldier for quick deployment onsite. In the event of a total loss of limb, the device is slipped under the strap of the soldier’s pack with the handle facing out. The handle is then pivoted into the engaged position, lifting the strap and cradling it in the handle’s U-shaped  saddle. Then, as the handle is rotated, the strap winds around the handle, while the base of the device applies increasing pressure to the artery. A ratchet system prevents the handle from slipping, and a quick release lever allows the ratchet mechanism to be disengaged if relieving the pressure is required. 

The video and images below outline the development of the tourniquet prototype.

Ratchet Pawls
Pivoting Assembly
Ratchet Mechanism
Ratchet Release
Tourniquet CAD - Disarmed
Tourniquet - Disarmed
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