Lap Steel Guitar Full Body

Lap Steel Guitar

This guitar’s natural, earthy aesthetics accentuate the richness and warmth of its tone. The body consists of a single piece of curly maple and is complemented by Burmese rosewood accents and custom brass hardware. All of the wooden and brass components are hand-made and crafted with acute precision. A shellac finish brings life to the highly figured wood.

Lap Steel Guitar Headstock
Raw Wood
Headstock Routing
Bridge Cavity
Chamfer Routing
Control Cavity
Fret Marker Holes
Fretboard Fit-up
Control Cavity Glue-up
Fretboard Inlay Glue-up
Turning Control Knob
Shaping Control Knob
Bridge Frame
Tuning Knobs
Lap Steel Guitar Close-up
Lap Steel Guitar Close-up 2
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