(Previous Engineering Work as a Member of Tool., Inc.)

The EMLSH (Enhanced Mandible Load Sensing Headform) is used to evaluate the efficacy of mouthguards in reducing the brain’s exposure to impact energies caused by direct strikes to the mandible. The apparatus is mounted to a drop tower, which allows it to free fall until the mandible contacts an anvil. Sensors inside the headform collect force and acceleration data throughout the process.

Tool developed the EMLSH as an improvement to an existing apparatus (the MLSH). My major contributions to this project included: designing a biofidelic mandible; implementing a jaw articulation system, which allows the operator to utilize a torque limiting screwdriver to apply a measured clamp load between the dentitions; and developing an adapter that allows the headform to be mounted in various orientations, facilitating impacts at different locations on the mandible.

Upon completing the EMLSH, I conducted extensive testing to evaluate the performance of several types of mouthguard, which were subjected to various impact scenarios. In addition to my engineering work, I was responsible for developing the test methodology associated with the EMLSH, allowing it to be the standard accepted method for evaluating mouthguard performance.

Skull Drawing
Machined Skull
Mandible Drawing
Machined Mandible
Previous Iteration
Final Model
Angle Adapter
Jaw Articulation
Uppercut Impact CAD
Uppercut Impact Lab Testing
Impact Locations
Testing Results Sample