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Mobile Home

By converting my 2001 Toyota Tacoma into a mini-mobile home, I’ve been able to travel extensively throughout the United States. While on the road, my minimalistic lifestyle was facilitated by many of the features built into this setup.

The sleeping area can be converted into a living space via an accordion-hinged section of the sleeping platform. The 5 foot long pull-out drawer allows for storage of camping and cooking supplies, and the hidden compartments below the sleeping area offer additional storage. 

Magnetized blackout shades provide privacy, yet can be easily removed for viewing one’s surroundings from the inside. AC power is supplied via an inverter, powered by an auxiliary battery. When the engine is running, the alternator charges both the starter and auxiliary batteries. An isolator breaks the circuit between the batteries when the engine is off, preventing the inverter from draining the starter battery overnight.

Grand Teton
Installing the Topper
Installing the Shelving
Storage Compartments
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Auxiliary Battery
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