Full Palate Mouthguard Mold

Mouthguard Molds
(Previous Engineering Work as a Member of Tool., Inc.)

In collaboration with the US Army, TOOL Inc. sought to develop a mouthguard that excels in the realms of impact protection, comfort, and style. To evaluate our designs, I led the engineering effort in modeling and fabricating a series of molds, which were then used to create various mouthguard geometries. 

The first section below shows the development of a full palate mouthguard, made using 3D printed insert geometry and CNC milled outer shells. 

The middle section outlines the molding process using a standard mouthguard geometry. Once molded, the mouthguards are modified and combined with other materials to form unique experimental models. 

The final section highlights an entirely 3D-printed mold, made from a high temperature resin. This mold utilizes an ejector pin system to facilitate part removal. 

Mouthguard Mold CAD
Mouthguard CAD
Mold Inserts
Milling the Mold Shell
Molded Mouthguard
Standard Mouthguard Mold
Standard Molded Mouthguard
Mouthguard Material
Boiling the Mouthguard Charge
Preheating Mold
Mold Press
Mold Under Pressure
Molded Mouthguard
Trimming Mouthguard
Trimmed Mouthguard with Inserts
Vacuum Forming EVA
Vacuum Formed Overmold
Custom Mouthguard Prototype
3D Printed Mold
Mold Back
Ejector Pins
Ejector Pins Deployed
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